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Attorney J. Kenneth Harris to Present at Trusts 101 Seminar

Attorney J. Kenneth Harris of Harris Law Offices will be discussing Grantor Trusts during his presentation at the National Business Institute’s Trusts 101 Seminar on October 6. The seminar is ...
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Tax ID Numbers for LLCs ©2014

I recently had a client contact me with the following situation: a limited liability company ("LLC") was formed to operate a business and there was a single owner/member of the LLC. In the ...
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Change of Beneficiary - What You Need to Know

One of the main purposes of estate planning is to have control over how your assets are distributed when you die. When you choose people to receive your money, your home, your furnishings and personal ...
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Difference Between a Will and a Trust

You've heard of a "will" and a "trust," but you may not know the differences between the two. You may be asking yourself, "Do I need a will?" or "Do I need a ...
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How To Probate Your Estate

"Oh! Pick me! I know the answer to this one. I can probate myself easily. I just write up a Will and then when I die, that Will holds true." Well that is great and saves us all the time of ...
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Why Plan Your Estate?

Throughout life, there is one inevitable fact: someday, we all will pass on. This can be a scary thought for some of us, especially if we fear death. Imagine how much scarier this would be for those ...
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The Benefits of Probate

It's very difficult for spouses, family members and close friends to deal with their loved one's passing and to complicate matters even more, they have to start thinking about what to do with ...
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Last Will and Testaments

The last will and testament, otherwise known as a " will " is a legal document that communicates one's personal wishes as pertaining to their possessions and their heirs or ...
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Importance of a Retirement Plan

From a personal and financial perspective, retirement is an important milestone in life. For most of us, realizing a comfortable retirement where we don't have to pinch pennies is an incredibly ...
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Do I Need A Buy-Sell Agreement?

Buy-sell agreements, cross purchase agreements, shareholder agreements and stock redemption agreements are the various forms and names of agreements between business owners ("Agreements") ...
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A Lawyer's Role in Loan Financing

When trying to obtain financing for your business, it is important to know the type of financing you are looking for, the places where the financing is available, and whether those lenders will lend ...
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New Regime New Problems

On June 26, 2013 the U.S. Supreme Court decided United States v. Windsor and held that Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act ("DOMA"), which was enacted in 1996, was unconstitutional. ...
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Do I Need a Power of Attorney?

I frequently get inquiries from people asking if they need to have a Power of Attorney ("POA"). My response is an emphatic YES and here are some reasons for that response. The most ...
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Estate Planning© 2000

An estate plan is not a static document. Just as technology and the internet have had profound effects on our daily lives, changes in our family situation, wealth, and in the law necessitate the ...
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Limited Liability Companies Provide Tax and Other Advantages©2000

You're starting a new business and want to know should I incorporate/form a corporation to operate the business. For over 15 years businesses in New Jersey, like those in 49 other states and the ...
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Planning Advantages of a Dynasty Trust©2000

LIVES IN BEING PLUS 21 YEARS For most of modern trust history the duration of the trust was limited to some definite period of time. The reason for this was the legal doctrine of the "Rule ...
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Haddon Heights Probate Lawyer Blog

Welcome to Haddon Heights Probate Lawyer Blog.
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